SKIN DEEP collaboration with AMUSHIKANAI

このたび、ピメリコは制作のための実験とキュラトリアルプロジェクト実践の場として、湯河原にWaves Projectをオープンします。そのお披露目となる第一回目の展示のお知らせです。

Pimeriko is pleased to announce the opening of Waves Project in Yugawara as a place for experimentation and curatorial projects. Here is the first exhibition “SKIN DEEP”.

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SANGO Exhibition extended until 18th April


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SANGO Exhibition at Picaresque Gallery, Tokyo



I will be participating in SANGO exhibition by Picaresque Gallery in Yoyogi, Tokyo from 16 March. “SANGO” means after giving birth in Japanese. All participating Mother/Artist shows their works from both pre and post pregnancy time.

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