The weird sisters in waltz, 2 – 11 June, Mishima

6月2日より三島のディレッタントカフェ3F )にて個展「The weird sisters in waltz」を開催いたします。
Solo exhibition ‘The weird sisters in waltz’ starting from Friday 2 June in Mishima.

本展では、ピメリコが昨年12月から取り組んでいるアイデアを発展させた映像インスタレーションを発表します。三女神the weird sitersを作家の日常的な視点から捉え、現代社会の混沌を見つめます。

ピメリコ 個展
the weird sisters
2023年 6/2(金) – 6/11(日)
作家在廊日 6/2金・8木・11日

411-0848 静岡県三島市緑町1-1 [Google Map]
#dilettante cafeの3階
tel 055-972-3572
協力 Waves Project

‘the weird sisters in waltz’, a solo exhibition starting from Friday 2 June.
The three witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth make contradictory statements and predictions that are difficult to interpret with reason. Their origin can be traced back not only to the British classics, but also to Greek and Norse mythology, where a similar trio of goddesses exist and have interesting roles, such as governing the past, present and future.
This exhibition is an attempt to recapture the weird sitters from the artist’s everyday perspective and reconstruct them into a video installation that reflects the chaos of contemporary society. Pimeriko has been working on this theme since last December.

Pimeriko’s Solo exhibition
the weird sisters in waltz
2 Friday – 11 Sunday June 2023
Admission free
Artist is at the exhibition space on 2 Fri, 8 Thu, 11 Sun

1-1 Midoricho, Mishima, Shizuoka 411-0848, Japan [Google Map].
3rd floor of #dilettante cafe
tel 055-972-3572
support: Waves Project