kuzu, solo show at Waves Project

生態系 x ART プロジェクトの試作として、河川敷で拾った葛で作ったモビールを展示します。
Exhibition of mobiles made with kudzu vines collected on the riverbank as prototypes for [Ecosystem x ART] project.
(English follows)



手軽に何か使えないか?自然の見方や生態系を考えるきっかけにできないかと生態学の研究者とピメリコの [ 生態系 x ART ] プロジェクト。



2023年 12月22日〜29日 / 2024年 1月5日〜1月8日

場所 Waves Project
神奈川県足柄下郡湯河原町門川63-1 [google map]
Cafe Sampoとspace OTONARI の並びです。


‘Kuzu’ means unwanted things and also the plant kudzu (Chinese arrowroot) in Japanese. Kudzu vines are often disliked as it’s too tough in the nature.

Not just an elite handful used for medicine or cloth, but a large amount of dead kudzu left out in the open in the landscape around us.

Can’t we use it for something easy and creative? Pimeriko’s [ Ecosystem x ART ] project with an ecology researcher to see if it could be an opportunity to think about the way we look at nature and ecosystems.

As a prototype, I will exhibits a mobile made of kudzu that we recently collected in the Tsurumi River in Yokohama. The way the kudzu rotate slowly in the wind creates a circus-like atmosphere.

The twists and branches entangled in the trees and the silhouettes of the kudzu are the very traces of survival. The more vigorously kudzu grows on riverbanks and beside railroad tracks, the more it wins in the ecosystem, the more people dislike it. It seems that the competition for survival in nature and human values are based on very different standards. I will try to overthrow it in a small and playful way. (Pimeriko)

Solo Exhibition “Kuzu”
22-29 December, 2023 / 5-8 January, 2024
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Admission free

Waves Project
63-1 Mongawa, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa 259-0302, Japan [Google Map]

this exhibition is available for viewing through the glass.