As you say,

Installation view at Soko Space OTONARI, Yugawara 2021.
This video installation consists of two videos starring squid-like person, sculptures and wooden structure.

The idea for this piece has taken from the greek mythology about goddess Circe who poisoned a beautiful nymph out of her jealousy and transformed her into an ugly monster.

Pimeriko’s version of this myth has updated and rewritten from her perspective based on her interest in the ambivalence of poison and medicine. This installation is the consequences of imaginary visit by Circe to the neighbor beach of Manazuru where she poured poison into the sea water that draw unexpected reaction to the squid swimming nearby.
A squid gained more intelligence and motor ability started a journey.

Still image from video projection
video documentation of “As you say,”
music by G.Rina

Pimeriko talks about her exhibition on Instagram(Japanese only)